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Blogger : IP Babble
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Category : SOA
Blogged date : 2006 Jun 08

It seems that my RSS For SOA Services Registry post from one week ago has generated a lot of interest. My weblog has experienced a massive increase in traffic. And people have been looking for the code.

I've been at IONA's 2006 Kick-off all week (more on this later) and have not had time to do much more work on the demo. But with all the traffic that it's generated I guess I better do something about getting the code out. Milestone 4 of Celtix will be out at the end of the month and I hope the demo will make it's way in there. I'll be trying to add some more to the demo in terms of testing some other ideas.

But in the meantime I've uploaded the current Proof of Concept (POC) demo to the site and you can download the demo here.

Again, you can download Celtix from here. Be sure to place the demo in the Celtix samples directory and read the readme - especially the part about the RSSLib4J.jar file. You need to download RSSLib4J.jar from here.

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Page 13500 of 21350

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