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Step by Step to add new WCF LOB Adapter to your .Net Solution

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Blogged date : 2007 Oct 08


After we downloaded
WCF LOB Adapter SDK and read my previous post. You will find all the customization options and Installation Guide for the WCF LOB Adapter SDK in this link

·         Select all (Runtime, Tools and Samples)

Installation Results: you will find a new kind of projects in your Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005 called “WCF LOB Adapter

Now, let’s start:

1-      From Microsoft Visual Studio, select New Project and on Visual C# Projects choose WCF LOB Adapter from visual studio installed templates


2-      When you click OK … A wizard will start to guide you to customize your LOB Adapter


3-      The 1st step in wizard, you type the adapter scheme, adapter Namespace and URI.


Represents the URI scheme for the transport protocol in use on the adapter binding.  For example – WCF NetTcpBinding uses “net.tcp” and WSHttpBinding uses “http” as the scheme.

Project Namespace:

Generated adapter classes are defined within this project namespace.  For example – Microsoft.WCF.Samples.AdapterSDK


Service Namespace:

Depicts the namespace for the WSDL generated by the adapter metadata retrieval classes.  For example – myadapter://Microsoft.WCF.Samples.AdapterSDK.


4-      Step 2: Determine Data Flow of your Adapter and Metadata Features.

Synchronous Outbound: Support one-way send or request/response message exchange pattern

Asynchronous Outbound:Asynchronous flavor of Outbound message exchange pattern

Synchronous Inbound:Support one-way receive or reply message exchange pattern

Asynchronous Inbound:Asynchronous flavor or Inbound message exchange pattern (not supported in ASDK Beta 2)


Metadata Browse:Allow browsing of the existing system metadata where some meaningful categorization is possible.  For more detail, see this post.

Metadata Search:Allow searching of the metadata in systems where unfiltered metadata is too large.  For more detail, see this post.

Metadata Retrieval:Allow retrieval of a WSDL/Service Contract from selected metadata after a browse and/or a search function.  For more detail, see this post.

5-      Step 3: Add Your Adapter Properties


The properties defined on this page are exposed as WCF Binding Properties and can be set programmatically or application configuration files in WCF client.  

See this post for information on how to surface adapter settings as adapter binding properties.


6-      Step 4: Add Adapter Connection Properties


The properties defined on this page are used within the Connection Uri String used to connect to the target LOB system.  These properties can be configured at design time using Add Adapter Service Reference Visual Studio Plug-In/Consume Adapter Service BizTalk Project Add-In > Configure > Uri Properties. At run-time these properties can be set within the Uri used to build the service endpoint address. 


7-      Last Step: Summary


8-      Click Finish and The following table provide high level description of the classes generated by the Adapter Code Generation Wizard.

·         CustomAdapter1

·         CustomAdapter1Binding

·         CustomAdapter1BindingCollectionElement

·         CustomAdapter1BindingElement

·         CustomAdapter1BindingElementExtensionElement

·         CustomAdapter1Connection

·         CustomAdapter1ConnectionFactory

·         CustomAdapter1ConnectionUri

·         CustomAdapter1HandlerBase

·         CustomAdapter1InboundHandler

·         CustomAdapter1MetadataBrowseHandler

·         CustomAdapter1MetadataResolverHandler

·         CustomAdapter1MetadataSearchHandler

·         CustomAdapter1OutboundHandler

·         CustomAdapter1Trace

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