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WSCF 0.5: New Features (IV)

Blogger : Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit
All posts : All posts by Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit
Category : WSCF/WCF
Blogged date : 2005 Feb 10

Here is the fourth new feature of WSCF 0.5 - thanks to a number of feedback messages from our users:

Enhanced code generation - Misc improvements
Enhanced properties: we now check for null references when we generate properties for private fields.
-Constructors: we now generate some default ctor code for data classes so that you can set up your DTOs with one single line.
-Collections: we now validate input parameters (i.e. nullity) for Add, IndexOf, Insert, Remove, and Contains.
-Generated Web Service methods throw NotImplementedException by default.
-XML documentation in /description/schema/.../element/annotation/documentation will be persisted in "" XML docs in code for generated type.

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Page 19668 of 21350

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