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Blogger : Sam Gentile
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Category : WSE
Blogged date : 2006 Jun 24

You know what? Owning a pool really sucks-). Oh, it’s great to go in but not a lot of fun spending most of every Saturday going to the pool shop getting the water levels measured, spending $100 a week on chemicals, spending the rest of the day applying such chemicals, and endless vacuuming. Plus I have no F*&^^ idea what I’m doing-). Anyone sympathize?

I have a whole bunch of stuff saved up since I couldn’t blog because even with 8 of us busting our humps we totally blew this Iteration (more later) and we’re all working in pieces this weekend (Yes, even on an Agile team!). It was a really awesome week for Ruby, especially in CLR land:








Team System/Visual Studio/GAT



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Page 13227 of 21350

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