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Twitter from Excel 2007

Blogger : John R. Durants WebLog
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Category : XML
Blogged date : 2009 Mar 05

I cannot think of any compelling reason for sending a tweet from a form in Excel other than it's kind of cool to know it can be done. Nevertheless, the little add-in for Excel has its charm as an odd little novelty:

How to write your own Twitter client in Excel (Userform version is here)

You can see my little tweet sent from Excel here:

I tip my cap to Chandoo (and JP for the form version) on this one.

Stay tuned for my addition to the app tomorrow--- I intend to add a little mix of technology in there that will make the application more relevant.

Rock Thought of the Day: 

The Black Crowes 'Warpaint' LP is fantastic


Listened to their new CD and it has some of their very best work. Granted, the two previous records were a little bit of a strain in my view. But, this one proves that they have not lost their touch, and they are reaching farther, producing better material than ever. Give it a listen, and make sure you have already set aside the $$ to buy a copy, or it will make waiting much harder.


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Page 162 of 21350

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