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MTOM/XOP/RRSHB are finished

Blogger : Don Boxs Spoutlet
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Category : XML
Blogged date : 2005 Jan 25

Full rec status - read about it here.More importantly, congrats and thanks to the the XML Protocol Working Group for their stewardship of XML messaging through the W3C. The SOAP/1.2 spec is strictly better than the 1.1 version we submitted in 2000.The MTOM spec is strictly better than the SOAP with Attachments spec we submitted later that year.It`s easy to throw stones at the W3C (God knows I`ve thrown my share and still have a few left to hurl), but the XMLP WG did a fantastic job at producing artifacts that are strictly better than the ones they started with. David Fallside rocks.

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Page 19849 of 21350

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